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UX STRAT Europe: Amsterdam, June 4 - 5, 2015

VAT Information

We will take you to the tickets page, but first, since this is a European event, we need to gather VAT information from you. If you are a freelancer or don’t intend to claim VAT, or if you don’t have a VAT number, you can simply skip the input fields on this page and select the "Buy Tickets" button below. If you have any doubts about this step, please contact us. We have very specific instructions from the NL VAT office about how we are to handle VAT for this event.

Please note that ticket buyers who enter a valid NL VAT Number on this page will be reverse charged VAT, in accordance with Belastingdienst policy. We will send you a reverse charge invoice for your records, and you will be responsible for submitting the appropriate VAT and documentation directly to Belastingdienst.