UX STRAT 2014 will be held in Boulder CO

UX STRAT 2014: Boulder CO on Sept 7 - 9, 2014

UX STRAT 2014 will be held in Boulder CO

We've completed our events for 2014, including UX STRAT 2014 in Boulder and UX STRAT Masterclasses in Atlanta, Boulder, Boston, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Toronto and Washington DC! We are now in the midst of planning our 2015 UX STRAT events, and we will refresh this site with new events as the plans are finalized. If your company would like to host a UX STRAT Masterclass or is interested in being a sponsor of UX STRAT 2015, contact us.

UX STRAT 2014 Keynote Speakers

Dr. Laura Granka, Head of UX Research

Dr. Laura Granka

Head of UX Research, Google Search

Theo Forbath, VP Innovation Strategy, frog

Theo Forbath

Global VP, Digital Transformation, Cognizant

Matthew Holloway, VP User Expereince, Shutterfly

Matthew Holloway

VP User Experience, Shutterfly

Jon Kolko, Director and Founder, Austin Center for Design

Jon Kolko

Director and Founder, Austin Center for Design

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5 Reasons to attend UX STRAT Events

  1. Learn about UX Strategy methodologies, tools and deliverables
  2. Hear case studies from industry experts about how they are combining strategy, design, and technology to achieve business results
  3. Network with experienced professionals who are focused on experience design strategy
  4. Find out how other companies organize their UX/CX/Product/Service design practices
  5. Discover new ways to communicate UX/CX strategy to your organization

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UX STRAT 2014 Presentations

UX STRAT Presentations

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