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UX STRAT Europe will be held in Providence, Rhode Island in June 2017

UX STRAT events are carefully curated for experienced UX / CX / Product / Service Design professionals who:
  • Have a desire to grow professionally from a tactical level to a strategic level
  • Want to hear how leaders within the experience design field innovate, conduct design research, analyze complex data, structure their teams, and sell their ideas and vision to executives
  • Want to network with peers who are equally experienced

UX STRAT Europe News

The next UX STRAT Europe conference will take place in Amsterdam, June 15 - 16, 2017. The Call for Presentations is now open. Proposals are due by January 22, 2017, but you don’t need to wait until then. You can either fill out a proposal online by clicking the Call for Presentations button below, or you can download the Proposal Form and email it to presentations@uxstrat.com. As you complete the proposal form, keep in mind UX STRAT’s 3 key tenets: Rigor, Depth, and Transparency. Marketing fluff will be rejected without review.

Call for

Super-early tickets are now on sale! Only 30 tickets are available at super-early pricing (695 euros + VAT). You can purchase a super-early ticket by selecting the Tickets button below, or you can request to Pay By Invoice using a general Contact Us form (invoiced tickets incur a €75 charge for special handling).


Sketch by @ChrisSpalton of Foolproof

Presentations from UX STRAT 2016 are now available on Slideshare, as are sketch notes of the presentations by Chris Spalton of Foolproof (@ChrisSpalton).


Presentations from UX STRAT 2016 are now available on Slideshare, as are sketch notes of the presentations by Chris Spalton of Foolproof (@ChrisSpalton).

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UX STRAT’s Unique Value Proposition

UX STRAT conferences are carefully curated for UX / CX leaders and experienced professionals who want to develop a more strategic approach to their product and service design programs. UX STRAT presentations are case studies about how leaders within the experience design field organize, analyze, innovate, and communicate.

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UX STRAT USA: Athens GA, Sept 8 - 10, 2015


  • About business strategy and experience design

  • Single-track and tightly-curated to facilitate focus and encourage community

  • Networking-friendly, both during the day and in the evening

  • International

UX STRAT sponsors gain access to top-tier, creative UX/CX talent that is intently focused on achieving business results. UX STRAT provides the perfect environment to associate your brand with thought leaders in the high growth field of UX/CX/Product/Service Design strategy, which is a goldmine if you are in expansion mode, or if your company wants to win recognition as a UX powerhouse.

To find out more about sponsorship, contact us or visit https://www.uxstrat.com/sponsor

What UX STRAT Attendees Are Saying

  1. “Keep it up! Favorite conference I've been to in 10 years.”
  2. “if you missed #uxstrat put on your calendar for 2015. A very well run conference where the presenters actually stick around to chat #crazy” @atothChi
  3. “All presentations were concrete stories about how stuff is getting done. A fabulous mix of methods and case study.”
  4. “I’m at #uxstrat — Every minute so far has been thought provoking. Great value.” @kaibrunner
  5. “Had a great time at #uxstrat! So many terrific presenters, topics, insights and "wow" moments. Thanks folks!” @aemorrison


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UX STRAT Europe 2015 Photos