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Join us for XD Immersive, the premier international conference dedicated to immersive experience design!

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XD Immersive focuses on new kinds of consumer and employee experiences that are enabled by virtual reality, augmented reality, and voice technologies. XD Immersive is curated for product managers, designers, developers and business strategists who want to quickly ramp up on the latest immersive technologies to give their products, careers, teams, and companies a competitive edge.

Unlike other events on this topic, XD Immersive focuses on compelling new experiences, rather than just the latest technology. By viewing a very broad range of the latest experience innovations, you will gain a wealth of ideas and resources to guide your own career, products, and company. To produce this exciting new event, UX STRAT will leverage its existing partnerships with leaders in the immersive space, such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft to produce a world class, one-of-a-kind conference and expo.

In addition to cutting edge presentations by industry leaders in VR, AR, and Voice, there will also be a hands-on demo area where attendees can try out a wide range of new immersive products and services to get an idea of the possibilities and real opportunities.


XD Immersive will take place in San Francisco on May 3 – 4, in the ultra-modern Bespoke venue on Market St. “Super early” tickets are on sale now for a savings of $200 off regular price tickets!


The Call for Presentations for XD Immersive is now open! The review panel is looking for presentations that help our audience understand how new immersive experiences can be successfully designed, developed and managed.

Download the Call for Presentations proposal form.

We are mainly looking for the following types of presentations, centering on VR, AR, or Voice:
  • How to design immersive experiences, instructional
  • Product management, planning and execution
  • Case studies, what worked and didn’t work
  • Innovation, ideation
  • Framework, ecosystem development
  • Business case, ROI
  • Ethics

Presentation proposals with a predominately marketing or promotional focus will not be accepted into the program. Companies that want to showcase a product or service should consider a sponsorship with a demo area.

Proposals are due by Wednesday January 31, 2018. The conference will take place in San Francisco on May 3 - 4, 2018.

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Sponsors of XD Immersive will gain exposure to an international audience of professionals who are seeking the best examples of new VR, AR, and Voice experiences, in both consumer and employee domains. XD Immersive is the ideal environment to demonstrate the value of your products and services.

Sponsorship levels are based on the amount of demo space you would like to reserve. In addition to physical demo areas, the venue also has large, state of the art interactive screens at the entrance of the venue for further promotional opportunities. Act quickly if you plan to participate as a sponsor, because demo space will be limited!

Download a summary of sponsorship opportunities.

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XD Immersive is carefully curated for product managers, designers, developers and business strategists who want to discover the latest immersive experiences in greater depth and in a hands-on setting. The audience will be international in scope, and will draw from UX STRAT's current network of 40,000+ professionals interested in experience design and business strategy. Ample time will be provided for trying out new technology and networking. Take advantage of super-early discount tickets while the program is still being formulated!